There is an increasing number of alternative electric vehicles that can

revolutionize the way we move, and now it's SEVEN's turn to

present their vehicles in Portugal.

SEVEN is a combination of the concept of a scooter with a scooter,

counting on the assistance of an electric motor so that all the displacements

can be made easily, quietly, and without pollutant emissions.

With a very peculiar design and it will surely attract the attention.

With its two generously sized tires will be the

are assisted by the electric motor, where we can

power control on the right wrist.

The SEVEN has a good range and limited top speed, and a

very important point.

It is certified to circulate on public roads (no special license required

or driving license).

It also has several anti-theft protection systems, alarm and lock

of wheel; and your battery can be easily removed (with

to be recharged in any location.