ZITMUV Z-Odin 125E 6000W/100Ah

Z-Odin Electric Motorcycle with an impressive 6000W Motor and 72V/100Ah Lithium Battery. Its robust ..

5,100.00€ Ex Tax: 4,146.34€

ZITMUV Z-ODIN PRO 125E 10.000W/120AH Black

Product name: ZITMUV Z-Odin PRO 125E 10.000W/120Ah BlackMotor Power: 10,000W Brushless Motor (equiva..

6,790.01€ Ex Tax: 5,520.33€

ZITMUV ZETA MAX 125E 6000W / 100AH

Product name: ZITMUV Zeta Max 125E 6000W/100Ah BlackMotor power: 6000W brushless motor (125E equival..

5,998.99€ Ex Tax: 4,877.23€

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