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Seven Electric

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Seven Bella


2,000.00€ Ex Tax: 1,626.02€

Seven Bella XS

The new Bella xs is a motorcycle with a more refined and simple design, made for those l..

1,889.73€ Ex Tax: 1,536.36€

Available Options

Seven Classic


1,690.00€ Ex Tax: 1,373.98€

Available Options

Seven Cobra

Our latest addition to the Citycoco family is here! The new CityCoco Cobra 2000W / 48 AH..

1,790.00€ Ex Tax: 1,455.28€

Available Options

Seven Duo Licensed

The new Enclosed Seven is an electric bike that incorporates an 18.2Ah removable battery..

1,700.00€ Ex Tax: 1,382.11€

Available Options

Seven E-Thor

Discover the new electric motorcycle that will break down all barriers! For you to enjoy..

1,523.78€ Ex Tax: 1,238.84€

Available Options

Seven Furious

The electric scooter arrives and breaks all barriers! Our latest addition to the Citycoc..

2,243.75€ Ex Tax: 1,824.19€

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Seven Harley

A well built scooter for your everyday use or even going to work. You wont need license..

1,701.09€ Ex Tax: 1,383.00€

Seven InTime

The new InTime electric motorcycle arrives to be part of our range of electric scooters,..

3,039.42€ Ex Tax: 2,471.07€

Available Options

Seven Moma

New Moma electric scooter. This new electric motorcycle from our line of electronic moto..

1,311.32€ Ex Tax: 1,066.12€

Seven Nina

Urban-style electric scooter, casually and elegantly finished with neutral shades of whi..

2,436.63€ Ex Tax: 1,981.00€

Seven Tivoli

New Tivoli electric scooter. This new electric motorcycle from our range of electric sco..

2,290.00€ Ex Tax: 1,861.79€

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