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Discover the new Robo S electric motorcycle with a 3000W 40Ah engine, perfect for your day-to-day life with the possibility of using it on roads and areas intended for motor vehicles. Forget the initial failures, gasoline and complex maintenance of a fuel vehicle. With this 125E equivalent L3 vehicle, you can drive on all roads, highways and expressways in Europe. No gasoline, filters or complex repairs. Recharge your theft at your home, work, office, etc. The possibilities are limitless! And enjoy the speed!

Robo S is the latest electric motorcycle developed by electric vehicle manufacturer Sunra Sunra, it is the No. 1 manufacturer in China producing Quality Scooters for the past 11 years, selling its scooters in more than 70 countries, with a production capacity of 4 million of electric scooters per year. It was specially designed to move around the city in a comfortable and sustainable way.

Product Details
Motor Sunra motor 3000W
Velocity 80 (km / h)
Battery 2*72V20AH lithium( portable)
Range 135km

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